A true tone machine for small to medium sized clubs with a 20 watt Push-Pull, class AB output section (EL84 or 6V6) utilizing a clean to mean single channel preamp. This amp can be tonally controlled with a treble, mid, bass tone stack with a presence and bright switch. This amp will give you tremendous gain felxibility in both your volume control and pick attack. As opposed to using channel switching you can easily set up the amp and use the volume knob on your guitar as a gain control. This amp also features a 4-8-16 ohm impedance switch so that it can be better matched with your speaker cabinet.

Tolex Head - from $1800
Tolex Combo - from $2200
Wood Head - from $2000*
Wood Combo - from $2500*

Delve into the mystical tone derived from a high powered (30W) single ended power section featuring parallel EL34s, mated to a clean to mean single channel preamp. Full tone controls (TMB) with Volume and Presence controls. Also compatible with 6V6, 6L6, KT66, KT77, and 5881 power tubes giving you more options when it comes to flavoring your custom tone. As with the Vapour the amp is set up to use the guitar's volume control as a gain control allowing you to easily transition from clean to dirty tone without channel switching. As with the other amps the Absinthe uses a 4-8-16 ohm impedance switch so that it can be matched with your speaker cabinet.

Tolex Head - from $2000
Wood Head - from $2200*

This amp features a 2 channel preamp to maximize the clean to mildly distorted tones on one channel, and the mild to wild distortion tones on the other channel. Big clean tones on channel one make for a very pedal friendly channel, as well, the cleans have a classic sparkle and a mild edge when driven hard for a great blues tone. Channel two takes you from classic rock tones to heavy distorted tones for a versatility not easily found elsewhere. Available in 50W and 100W configurations. EL34s are standard, however this amp is compatible with 6L6, 5881, KT66, and KT77 power tubes for greater tone coloring. Also features the 4-8-16 ohm impedance switch.

Tolex Head - from $2800
Wood Head from $3200*

Tolex Speaker Cabs
112 - TBD
212 - TBD
412 - TBD
410 - TBD

Wood Speaker Cabs*
112 - TBD
212 - TBD
412 - TBD
410 - TBD

*Certain wood types require and up-charge

Tonic Amps custom shop offers a wide variety of options from complete custom amp builds to tonal shaping options on production amps.

Hall Electronics VVR
The Dana Hall designed Variable Voltage Regulator (VVR) allows the whole amp to be run at a varied B+ voltage. This feature varies the power of the amp from full power down to 10% power. It also maintains the ratios of the operation throughout the amp so the feel of the amp is not disturbed, only the output level.
$200 installed

Harmonics Control
This control takes the amp from full push/pull to single ended operation, and anything in between. By varying the control towards SE, more even order harmonics are present and the resulting tone is big and warm. It also lowers the output level and distorts earlier. Varying the control towards PP dials in more headroom, tighter bass, and a crisp, punchy output.
$100 installed

New Old Stock / Vintage Parts
For those who require nothing but the finest vintage NOS parts or used vintage parts, Tonic offers these parts on a limited basis. Availability varies and price follows the current market for said pieces.