Tonic Amps Founder, Darin Ellingson, has been repairing and modifying amplifiers and other guitar gear since the 1980s. It started as keeping his gear in working condition and modifying that gear in search of his signature tone. After taking on a few restoration projects in the late 90s, he got the itch to start building his own amps and the quest was on.

In early 2000 multiple prototypes were built and design tested in gig situations. These designs were refined and further gig tested until a solid platform was developed. Inspired by the work of master amp builders of the past and present; we crafted a series of amps that led to the birth of Tonic Amps.

Tonic Amps has been building custom tube amplifiers since 2003 for local San Francisco Bay Area musicians. We have built everything for vintage accurate reproductions of classic amps to original designs based upon our clients’ tonal desires. Every amp is built by hand in our Redwood City shop using hand-selected components to shape the tonal palette.