Tonic amps are a combination of magical tone from master inspirations and top quality components and building techniques to provide years of playing. Tonic has designed three amps to inspire your guitar playing, and capture audiences. The Vapour, Absinthe, and D'Art are built and tested to preform in a gig setting or provide options for the recording studio. These three versatile amps will take you from the clean to mean and will compliment any guitar. With the guitarist in mind we have also provided options such as the Hall electronics Variable Voltage Regulator, and the Harmonics Push pull to Single end control. For those looking for a signature sound we can also add in custom new old stock components and tubes to fine tune the tonal pallette.

Tonic is also the sole North American distributer of Fane guitar speakers.
These speakers are a wonderful compliment to the Tonic amps and allow them to achieve the sound in which they were designed. Speakers will also be available for individual sale for those looking to upgrade their current amplifier.